High Filtering Performance

Thermal shock resistant, most accurate metal flow rates

Our Quality Standard

We follow the quality in every field with the understanding of German production.

Professional and Qualified

Always ready to assist for more efficient filtration in the foundry industry

Various Filter Sizes

A wide range of features and production in all sizes, from special chemical resistances

Since its foundation with a German joint venture, GIESSMANN has offered innovative and sustainable products and systems in filtration technology.

Our factory, which started its activities in 2010, has a monthly production capacity of 2.2 million filter

GIESSMANN, which is the first CERAMIC FOAM FILTER manufacturer of Turkey for the foundry industry with its high-tech facilities and expert team, also successfully carries out the task of being the main supplier for foundries in all European countries with its distribution network and warehouses in Germany. Our target is to take firm steps towards continuous growth and continuous quality targets by taking behind us the export power of Turkey and the production capacity of our factory.



We have won the trust of many of our customers by constantly improving our service quality.


Our products are always of the same quality in all casting processes in which they are used.


Our company continues to be the leading company by following all the developments in the sector dynamically.

Our production technology and investors are of German origin.

Our aim is to have a say in domestic production and export as a reliable business partner in filters and sub-industry products needed by foundries.

We have an advanced infrastructure to provide the products needed in the casting industry with quality and without interruption. With this investment, we believe that we will contribute to the development of the country's economy by offering the CERAMIC FOAM FILTER, which has not been produced in Turkey before, to the Turkish casting industry, thus creating products with higher added value.


Elyasa Süme


Elyasa Süme is the investor partner and General Manager of the factory, also actively carries out all the commercial activities of the company.

Email : e.sume@giessmann.com.tr


Ahmet Turan Boztepe


A.Turan Boztepe conveys his management and accounting experience, which he gained for many years in Germany, as a senior manager in the factory.

Email : boztepe@giessmann.com.tr


Daniel Kempkes

Commercial agency for the European Union.

Ecultor GmbH & Co. KG is based in Germany and is the contact for customers from the European Union.

Email : filter@ecultor.de

Phone : +49 (0)2872 9482633

Why choose us?

Reliable, Effective And Technically Advanced Products!

Quality Control System

By maintaining the continuous product quality in production, we won the trust of many of our customers and became their main supplier.

100% Customer Focused Work

We offer an integrated approach to ensure the best flow and efficiency at casting time during filter use.

Professionalism in Production and Sales

We are a well-known company in the foundry with our expert teams from production processes to final delivery in many countries we export to.